Nicknames are a great way to make your emails more readable. Often in Amazon item names are very long to take advantage of Amazon's indexing strategy, but those long names don't look so good in emails.

To set a nickname:

1. Choose a Product

Go to the items area by clicking 'Products' from the Products menu

Then choose one of your products from the list by clicking it's ASIN/SKU.

2. Set a default nickname

Underneath the Item image is a section that says 'Nickname empty'

Click on 'Empty' and a popup will appear where you can write in a shortened (or different) product title.

3. Set a nickname for each marketplace

Under "Marketplaces" select the nickname and enter a nickname for that specific marketplace

4. Use the Product Nickname shortcodes in your emails.

We have a few different nickname shortcodes that you can use to get this new title into your emails for example:

%%product_nick%% - Product Name Nickname

Please Note: These shortened titles do not go back to Amazon and do not change your data listing on Amazon. They are an internal Zonmaster thing only!