Using Template Manager

Navigate to Emails > Email Templates to create, view, and manage your saved templates.

Email Template Manager lists all the templates you have created.  You can edit, clone, delete, preview, or send a test email for each template.

1. Create New Email Template -  Clicking this button will take you to the Create Template page where you can create new Email templates

2. Load Prebuilt Template - Click here to bring up the popup allowing you to pick from our multilingual premade email templates

3. Rescan Compliance - Click here to re-run our Compliance Checking tool to see if your emails meet Amazon's guidelines.

4. Sending Stats Graph - See how many times each template has been sent

5. This is where Template Manager lists all your created email templates and provides a quick summary of each template.

6. Details about an individual email template

Edit - Takes you back to the template creator page where you can edit the template

Email Log - full sending history of this email template.

More.... - drop down menu with more options like:

Preview - This will display what your email will look like when your customers open it

Duplicate - This will make an exact copy of the current template. The new template name will have [Copy] at the end of the name. You can edit the name of the cloned template afterwards. This feature is useful when you need to make a similar template and make minor changes.

Send Test Email- This will send the created template to your test email account so you can see what it looks like before sending it out to your customers.